One of my favorite activities is to create a new project. Just saying “file, new project” gets me thinking about all the possibilities. Lately I've been trying to work on my web development skills so I've been creating a lot of new web applications in Visual Studio. In many cases I also need to have these projects use the normal ASP.Net membership provider. This is where the common problem comes in.

How do you setup ASP.Net membership with a SQLExpress database?

There are some great blog posts already out there that try to explain what to do. Lance's blog post “Using ASPNET_RegSQL.exe with SQL Express databases in APP_DATA” seems to be the best one. Unfortunately his suggestion doesn't work well for me. It all boils down to the command line arguments being a little off.

To start with take a look at the official command line reference from Microsoft for the aspnet_regsql.exe tool.

Popular link to how to article

Another link with extra steps

Link to official docs