I’m a Vim user, but I’m not 100% sold on it. I keep wanting to find an even better editor. I’ve tried just about everything, twice. Notepad++, Vim, Textmate, Coda, Visual Studio, Sublime Text, Notepad2, Scintilla, Cloud9, RubyMine, Eclipse, and many more.

Land of Lisp

I’ve got 3 kids, so I don’t get a lot of reading time. I’m finally getting a chance to read a book I picked up a while back, “Land of Lisp”. And this is prompting me to give Emacs another try. The last few times I’ve tried it I got tired of all the key combos I had to press to get anything done. I’m hoping this time I can learn some of the Lisp for easier configuration.


Not knowing the best way to get the latest version of Emacs I did what most do an searched Google. I found out that there are at least 2 easy ways to install Emacs. Either you download from the EmacsForMacOSX site or you install via Homebrew.

I did find an article that says I should use homebrew instead of EmacsForMacOSX.

I love the Homebrew system so I went that route.

brew install emacs --cocoa --srgb

This installed version 24.3.1 of Emacs.


Next I needed a starter configuration. My childhood friend is also an Emacs user and posted his config on Github. So naturally I forked it. This was a while ago when I tried Emacs once before, so all I had to do was update it. There was some specific settings for his computer, so I have removed them from my copy. Check it out at jjasonclark/emacs.d